Thursday, April 26, 2012


we have this english project to tell about someones like but like in a really good vocie and i was thinking tim burton but then johnny depp but i think im picking coco chanel idk why but her

food jewelry

there is like these people who make little tiny food out of a clay and put it on like rings and necklaces


RCC is a big redneck store in the mall but there belts and hand bags are amazing they are so cool
but problems in the plan is there like 100 dollars for one belt 


everyday im tumbling

you could stay on tumblr forever and never get bored

i got on it every day just to look at pictures
if going on tumblr was my job that would be sweet
"hey what do you do as a job"
"oh im a tumblr"

that would just be cool

Thursday, April 19, 2012



slipknot you were suppose to play but instead now you 5 finger death punch
the nly band i would want to go see is holly wood undead
FEBRUARY 2013 15-17

its one of the only really great dr.who convention that happens in america IM SO EXCITED its the 50 year if DRWHO its in LA but im going to i figure train cause of the fact i hate flying so much i mean i s going

Thursday, April 12, 2012


ive been super in love with dr.who and i love the show and im thinking about getting a dr.who tattoo


ok so zombies every one has a zombie plan. with these plans no one ever thinks about what kind of zombies they are facing
1) if its slow moving zombies but never die
plan: build a house that has living area under the house. it will have garden every thing u need to live and built against nuclear power melt down
2)slow moving zombies but will die
get a group of people and take over st joes apartment build they hve 3 door to get though before getting in to the build and its a old hosptial so it is make out of bricks and its very easy to block off and protect
3) fast moving zombie like from 28 dys later
get lots vodka and weed and get super drink and high and kill myself